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Olive Branch Appraisals prides itself as the Northeast Philadelphia Appraiser. Our love of Northeast Philadelphia came from growing up here. There is no better place we would think of working. From the delis, the pizza shops, the shopping centers,  the rec centers, and the neighborhoods, this area shows Philly Pride like no other. So when we decided on starting an appraisal company it was a no-brainer where we would plant our flag.

If you’re a resident in Northeast Philly, you already know what it’s all about. You know especially if you live in the neighborhoods. There are the classic Tudor-style homes of Somerton (19116). Then there are places like the historic Fox Chase Farm, Philadelphia’s historic agricultural landmark in Fox Chase (19111). The Tacony Music Hall (19135). Northeast Philly has a lot to offer, and if you’re living in it or own property there, you could be sitting on a lot of value. Olive Branch Appraisal is here to help you figure out just how much value is there.

Olive Branch Appraisals is a trusted home appraisal and real estate appraisal company serving Northeast Philly, operating in Somerton, PA (19116), Bustleton, PA (19115), Fox Chase, PA (19111), Rhawnhurst, PA (19111, 19152), Parkwood, PA (19154), Mayfair, PA (19149, 19136), Burholme, PA (19111), Castor Gardens, PA (19111), Morrell Park, PA (19114), Torresdale, PA (19114), Pine Valley, PA (19115), and Tacony, PA (19135) neighborhoods. Get in touch today for your appraisal by phone (267-588-8200), email, or our online quote form.


Complete Appraisal Solutions for all

Estate & Trust Appraisals

Estates and Trusts can be complicated. We’ll assist you with working with accountants and lawyers to make sure any and all reports meet the requirements of courts and agencies
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Divorce Property Appraisals

If you’re going through a separation, you’ll need to get an appraisal on your properties in order to settle in court. We can assist in making sure you reach a fair division of properties.
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Fair Market Value Appraisals

Thinking of selling your home to someone you know? What is a fair price to base the negotiations off? Our reports are detailed to your property with market statistics for your home's area.
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Pre-listing Appraisals

Ready to take the next step for you and your family by selling your present home for the home of your dreams? We can help you appraise the value of your home to bring your dreams to life.
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Property Tax Appraisals

Find out what your tax needs are for your current properties. We’ll work with you to reach the deadlines you need in the state of Pennsylvania and in your local counties and township to assess your annual property taxes.
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Quality and accurate appraisals

Allow our expert in the local market help you to determine the value of your property.

Assignments are accepted on fully confidential terms and will be completed in a competent and professional manner. Our dedicated appraiser will ensure that you receive high quality information to guide you in your financial decisions.

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Olive Branch Appraisals Is Here To Appraise Your Real Estate and Homes

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