Start the Process of Appraising Your Montgomery County Home In the Wake of Lessening COVID-19 Restrictions

Montgomery County has been complying with state guidelines and the resulting lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic for over a month, which has put many things on hold. As we approach the tentative deadlines for the lifting of these restrictions, you can still make progress on the large scale projects in your life, including Home and Real Estate appraisals in Montgomery County. If you’re looking to appraise your home in Huntingdon Valley, PA (19006) of Lower Moreland, PA (19006), there are some things to keep in mind to get an appraisal safely.

Take Necessary Steps Within Your Power To Prepare Your Properties

The COVID-19 Pandemic has likely left you time to address any outstanding issues or improvements on your properties. Many can easily be addressed with a little elbow grease. If you’re healthy and able to address certain aspects (yard and garden work, simple DIY hardware fixes, and the like) now is the time to do them. Professional jobs (wiring, plumbing, et al) are best to leave to the tradespeople who handle them when their businesses reopen unless you have that experience, but there’s no time like the present to handle basic jobs within your power to make sure you have the best appraisal possible when Montgomery County re-opens.

Understand and Respect the Working Practices of Assessors and Plan Accordingly

When restrictions begin to lift, there will no doubt be many changes in assessment processes. Timelines may be slightly longer to maintain safe practices, for both the assessors and yourself. Personnel will likely require adjustments to the typical in-person assessments. Exterior-only, drive-by, remote walk-through, or desktop assessments using publicly available data assessments are to be expected. Per CDC guidelines, any assessors on-site will likely wear masks or ask that you wear them as well. Prepare for any in-person assessments by disinfecting common surfaces the assessment team may come in contact with (doorknobs, handles, countertops, et al). 

Work With Professionals Who Take Your Safety and the COVID-19 Pandemic Seriously

Olive Branch Appraisers assessors will be happy to make the needed changes to ensure your real estate assessments in Montgomery County comply safely with the needs of all parties as Montgomery County reopens. If you’re looking to make an appointment or discuss your options, reach out to Olive Branch Appraisals in Montgomery County by phone at 267-588-8200, by email at, or our online form.

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