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As the Northeast Philadelphia Appraisal company, we specialize in appraising houses for Fair Market Value Appraisals

Whether you are transferring ownership, purchasing homeowner’s insurance or even assessing property taxes, it may be in your best interest to obtain a fair market value appraisal.  You may even be wondering what exactly is Fair Market Value? Fair market value (FMV) is the amount that an asset would sell for on the open market. An asset’s fair market value should represent a precise valuation of its worth. A fair market value analysis will help you determine what the property is worth in the current market. It examines the homes currently on the market, under contract, recently sold and recently expired, withdrawn or canceled.  

A professional appraisal can often help homeowners make the best decisions on what they should invest in their homes. It can also help with setting a fair sales price. A real estate agent may provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis but this alone may not be enough, A real estate agent has vested interest in what the house sells for; whereas, an appraiser does not. The appraisal fees are based on our efforts to complete the report and not a percentage of the sales price.  

We can help you obtain the right information completely unbiased with all the solid facts and figures.  

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