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Olive Branch Appraisals Offers Estate & Trust Appraisals in Northeast Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas

Settling an estate is a crucial and sometimes taxing job. It can be difficult to navigate without a professional in your corner.  As executor/executrix of the estate and/or trust, you have been authorized to implement the wishes of the deceased as quickly and accurately as possible. You can rely on us to act swiftly and delicately keeping in mind the feelings of everyone involved. We can help you maneuver through uncharted waters with a peace of mind. We are Northeast Philadelphia’s Estate and Trust Appraisers! 

Both attorneys and accountants rely on our appraisals when computing property values for estates. We know what they are looking for and are accustomed to dealing with all parties involved. An appraisal is typically required to help establish Fair Market Value for the affected residential property. 

 In addition, a detailed real estate appraisal acts as an aid to support the figures used in the documents filed with revenue authorities. Such a report will unquestionably prove that the numbers used are well founded and substantiated. 

Obtaining a professional appraisal not only gives the executor/executrix solid facts and figures; it also reassures all parties involved. We are there for you and will stand behind the appraisal even if it is challenged. Olive Branch Appraisals is your Northeast Philly, Lower Moreland School District, and Bensalem Area Estate Appraiser!

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