4 Reasons for Appraising Your Home

Most people only think of appraisals only when it comes to selling your home.  In addition to home appraisals, trust appraisals and estate appraisals may also land themselves on your radar. Appraising assets can certainly be complicated. You can ease the burden by trusting Olive branch appraisals for an accurate, credible, and reliable assessment. There are a few different reasons you may be seeking an appraisal. See where you fall  on the list below.

Before selling your home

Thinking of listing your home? Might be time for an appraisal.   Do your homework, how are the houses in your area comparing? What makes your home different and more marketable? Maybe you added a 1/2 bath or even an addition and now it’s time to see when you fall on the listing chart. The Better you are at making your home shine the more likely you are to get a higher valuation. 


When purchasing your home you may have taken out an FHA loan and maybe it’s time to put that PMI to bed or even lower that interest rate. Interest rates are very low right now, it’s a great time to take the bull by the horns. A refi could save you 1000s in the long haul. With housing values on the rise the cost of an appraisal will end up paying for itself.

Taking out a home equity loan 

Maybe you are considering adding that addition or  even remodeling the kitchen. An appraisal can help with that loan. Then you could use that extra money to turn that “I wish” into a dream come true. 

Appealing tax assessment 

Maybe your house has fallen into a higher tax bracket and you feel you are already paying your fair share. An appraisal could help aid that tax appeal. You can use it to state the unique condition of the subject property meriting a reduction in its assessed value. 

Whether you are looking to sell, refinance, take out a loan, or even appeal a tax appraisal in Philadelphia or Montgomery county, reach out to Olive Branch Appraisals and let us help you, To make an appointment or discuss your options, please contact  by phone at 267-588-8200, by email at olivebranchappraisals@gmail.com, or our online form.

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