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Olive Branch Appraisals Offers Home and Real Estate Appraisal In Philadelphia County

If you’re a resident in Philadelphia, you already know what it’s all about. The city is full of amazing opportunities, events, recognizable landmarks, and great neighborhoods.

You know especially if you live in the neighborhoods. There’s the classic Tudor-style homes of Somerton (19116). Then  there’s places like the historic Fox Chase Farm, Philadelphia’s historic agricultural landmark in Fox Chase (19111). The Tacony Music Hall (19135). The county has a lot to offer, and if you’re living in it or own property there, you could be sitting on a lot of value. Olive Branch Appraisal is here to help you figure out just how much value is there.

Olive Branch Appraisals is a trusted home appraisal and real estate appraisal company serving Philadelphia County, operating in the Somerton, PA (19116), Bustleton, PA (19115), Fox Chase, PA (19111), Rhawnhurst, PA (19111, 19152), Parkwood, PA (19154), Mayfair, PA (19149, 19136), Burholme, PA (19111), Castor Gardens, PA (19111), Morrell Park, PA (19114), Torresdale, PA (19114), Pine Valley, PA (19115), and Tacony, PA (19135) neighborhoods. Get in touch today for your appraisal by phone (267-588-8200), email, or our online quote form.

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