Upgrades That Can Make Your House Appraise Higher

The housing market is still going strong! Wondering how to get the most out of your property and maximize your resale value. Whether you are looking to re-finance or sell, here’s five upgrades that can help boost your appraisal. No matter your budget, there’s always an upgrade or two that’ll help up the ante. 


Yes, the smallest room in the house can have the biggest impact. Whether you are adding a bathroom or enhancing an existing one, this can add some serious value. You can choose to go big by turning that powder room into a full bath or even just give that old bathroom a facelift. Keep in mind having more than one full bathroom is an attractive selling point that will add to your appraisal. If that is not in your budget, don’t worry. You can replace your old vanity or add a fresh coat of paint to help bring this room to the next level. Even if your bathroom is on the smaller side, consider selecting a pedestal sink to help give a bit of an optical illusion. 


Put your home in the spotlight! The right lighting can have any room glowing. LED lights can help brighten up smaller spaces. Think of a jewelry store the light hits the diamonds at just the right angle, giving them that perfect sparkle. Also, consider dimmable recessed lighting throughout your home. Choosing the brightness for various occasions is another attractive selling point that will boost your home’s value. 


Families spend a lot of time in the kichen not only for meals but also for entertaining purposes. There are so many things you can do to give an outdated kitchen some new life. From replacing appliances to adding an island for some additional counter space, these changes can help add value. Adding a fresh coat of paint, or even backsplash can help bring this room to light. 


Curb appeal is a big deal! Paint those shutters, have your brick re-pointed or siding replaced. Updating railings with a coat of paint or replacing it with a vinyl one will also help add value. Consider recoating or cementing your driveway. Even something as small as a freshly painted front door can give your home a more inviting look without breaking the bank.  


Giving your yard some extra TLC can help make your property more appealing. Make the most of your space with a beautiful garden or privacy fence. Whether your yard is cement or grass, you can upgrade wherever possible. Create your very own backyard oasis by adding a patio, built-in fire pit or even some pavers for the perfect look.  

Before you seal the deal on an upgrade, consider the impact on your home’s potential resale price, Olive Branch Appraisals is here for you. Make an appointment to discuss your options for your FSBO and home appraisal needs in Northeast Philadelphia by phone at 267-588-8200, by email at olivebranchappraisals@gmail.com, or our online form.

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